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About A.D Buy's Junk Cars

A.D Buy's Junk Cars founder and CEO Adrian Hilario was looking for a better life in West Palm Beach, Florida. To pay the bills, he took a job as a Barber, working in a local barbershop in Palm Beach County, Florida. It was there that the young entrepreneur saw a golden opportunity. At the time, getting rid of a junk car could prove difficult. Anyone who tried found themselves on a wild goose chase of tasks: calling several junkyards, finding one that would take the car, and then waiting around to see if the tow truck would actually show. So, with a rich knowledge of computer applications and insight into the salvage industry, Adrian Hilario set out to solve this problem. With a colorful, fun, and user-friendly website and service named A.D Buy's Junk Cars, the company began to provide a quality of customer service that the industry had never seen before, and it didn’t take long for A.D’s idea to blow up—in a good way! Operations grew quickly, and coverage soon extended from its humble beginnings in South Florida and now to New Jersey, and soon to every state in the U.S. In 2011, encouraged by a growing market, the company expanded beyond simply removing junk cars and began to make instant offers to users looking to sell their vehicles, evolving into the service you see today: A.D Buy's Junk Cars with locations in West Palm Beach and New Jersey, the fastest and easiest way to sell your car!

This is how we do it.

Tell us about your ride

Give us a quick rundown of your car. What's the year, make, model? Let us know where it's located and how it's holding up. All these details help us give you the best offer.

Receive your offer instantly

We'll make you an offer straight away! Check it out, then take it or leave it. There are zero obligations. It's really as simple as answering a few questions about your car and you're done. Why bother hassling with potential buyers when we'd like to buy your car right now?

We'll come to you

Choose a convenient date and time for pick-up. During our visit, we'll inspect your car to verify its condition, and look over your title to make sure it's signed and notarized (if needed) in agreement with state requirements.

Get paid on the spot

Once everything checks out, we'll hand over your check, load up your car, and off we go! To make sure everything goes off without a hitch, be sure to answer the condition questions as accurately as possible, and prep your documents carefully.

What can we say? We just junk cars!

Extra 10% For All Military And Veterans


We are recognized
as a “Five-Star” Rated Company providing the Highest Cash.
We offer Guaranteed Pricing & Free Towing Great Customer
Satisfaction with Honesty!

Shawn P.

AD recently remove a junk car from my house. He provided an extremely competitive price and was very reasonable. More importantly, he was timely, honest, clear and concise. I will definitely keep him at the forefront for any of my future towing needs.

Mark F.

AD provided excellent service. He was very trusting and he offered a reasonable price. I strongly recommend him for sellers round.

Monte M.

I have done business with A.D. on two occasions and each time he was honest, prompt and direct with a price. No low balling, hassling etc. He gave a set time when he was going to pick up the vehicle and was actually early. And the free delivery was great too.

To top it off,

here are more reasons why you'll love us.

We buy any vehicle

AD Buys Junk Cars with buy any junk vehicle you want taken off of your hands. This includes cars, trucks and vans of any year and from any make and model.

Even without a title

Don’t have the title to your junk car anymore? AD Buys Junk Cars will guarantee the most cash on the spot for any junk car even without a title. You never have to wonder if we will take your vehicle, we love all junk vehicles.

We pick it up

Often times, junk cars do not run well enough (or at all) to make it to the lot. This is why many people put off junking their cars that do not run. AD’s will pick up your car for free from your yard in under 30 minutes of you giving us a call. No work for you, no extra cost and you still get paid cash on the spot for a vehicle you can’t use anyway.