We Buy Junk CarsWe specialize in junk car removal in the West Palm Beach area. We will buy any vehicle that you need removed, even if it doesn’t run -that’s what our tow truck is for. We guarantee to offer the most cash on the spot for any vehicle no matter the condition. No title? No worries, we do not discriminate on junk cars.

If you are looking for junk car removal West Palm Beach we are the place to call. We pick up any vehicle for no charge because we understand that often junk cars are not in a safe, running condition and we care about our customers. Just give us a call, give us the information on your vehicle and we will be at your location in under 30 minutes. No extra worry, work, hassle or cost to you just quick and easy junk car removal in West Palm Beach, Florida.

  • We buy any vehicle:  Buy any junk vehicle you want taken off of your hands. This includes cars, trucks and vans of any year and from any make and model. You never have to worry if we will buy your junk car. No matter the condition, we will buy it for something.
  • Even without a title: Don’t have the title to your junk car anymore? We will guarantee the most cash on the spot for any junk car even without a title. You never have to wonder if we will take your vehicle, we love all junk vehicles.
  • We pick it up: Often times, junk cars do not run well enough (or at all) to make it to the lot. This is why many people put off junking their cars that do not run. We will pick up your car for free from your yard in under 30 minutes of you giving us a call. No work for you, no extra cost and you still get paid cash on the spot for a vehicle you can’t use anyway.

What we do with your junk car

We will either place your car in our junk-yard for others to use for parts or we will scrap the vehicle if it is unusable for parts due to being totaled in a wreck. We also run specials for cars that are year 2000 and later. . We Pick up your junk Car within 30 minutes. . We buy junk cars with no title. Get Cash for your Junk Car Today. Free tow when Junking your car. We buy Junk Trucks and vans.

Why Choose Us:

We are recognized as a “Five-Star” Rated Company. Providing the Highest CA$H.Paid on the Spot! We offer Guaranteed Pricing & Free Towing Great Customer Satisfaction with Honesty! What can we say? We just LOVE junk cars!


When Buying a car is one of the more significant decisions you have to make. It is usually the second largest purchase that people make, after the purchase of a house.When we are planning to buy a car the first main hurdle is: do we buy a used car or a brand new car? Normally the first preference of most people is to buy new, nevertheless when it comes to buying cars, buying a new car is not always the best or right solution. Why? One of the leading reasons is because it just isn’t by and large the greatest value, just think about it for a second, as soon as you drive that beautiful new car off the lot, it immediately lost value substantially. Based on the model may very well be more or less. If you buy used cars you are if you do it right receiving more value for the money than when buying a new car. Someone else has already taken the hit of buying it new however if you purchase used cars you have got all the benefits but not the losses.When you do it correctly, purchasing a used car in superb condition can save you a lot of cash, all the more if you pay cash for cars. Remember you always want to transact business with someone that has a validated track record when it comes to buying used cars, not a fly by night but a well thought-of place that not just sells used cars but additionally buys used cars. Not just any car but a car that meets stringent requirements, and has been gone over completely.When you buy a used car from a place that buy and sells used cars don’t be fearful to raise questions. If that you are dealing with a honest person who places their reputation on the line when it comes to the cars they buy and sell, your requests will be appreciated. If the way they do business is on the devious side they are going to do everything to dodge your questions. Keep that in mind when looking to purchase your next vehicle.When buying a used car do your homework and check that that the car wasn’t stolen or damaged in an accident. Whatever car you choose to buy you must educate yourself about it first, so you are certain that you are making a good quality purchase choice.

Areas We Service:

If you visit our website or any website that has reviews on our company, you will quickly realize that people love our team. Why? We provide the highest quality customer service for our junk car removal service to people in the West Palm Beach area as possible. We take customer service seriously. To make all of our customers happy we focus on making the process of junk car removal as easy as possible and provide services like pick up, paying with cash on the spot and providing no hassle when customers don’t have the paperwork that most junk car removal services require.

If you don’t know much about junk car companies you may be wondering why we would pay cash for a car that doesn’t even run. Well, we can either recycle the car for scrap price or put it on our junk car lot where people can come get used car parts for their vehicles for much less than buying new. Not only are you making money by selling your car hassle free with us, you may also be helping someone afford to fix up their current, everyday driving vehicle.

We appreciate all of our customers and their business and because of this we are always offering great promotions on top of already offering top dollar for junk cars. If you are looking for junk car removal in West Palm Beach for a vehicle that is a year 2000 or newer, you can expect to receive a great offer with our ongoing promotions.

Proudly serving West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, Riviera Beach, Wellington, Royal Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, and surrounding cities.

So give us a call today at (561) 203-8970 and make money selling your junk car in half an hour with no work, no hassle and no worries. We’re ready to take your junk car off your hands no matter what the condition is.

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