Driving safely is a demanding task, and you should always be responsible. Even if you are an experienced driver, this does not necessarily mean you will be able to avoid all kinds of car accidents. Unforeseen events are bound to occur on our roads, irrespective of our level of diligence. When it happens, you should always have the support of a professional team. It is also important to note that regardless of how much you care for your car, there is always the possibility that it may break. The most common and serious faults are those that affect the steering, braking or power of the engine but the car may develop complications in virtually any part. Read on to find out some of the best services we offer just in case you find yourself in such situations.



Our Services


Buy junk cars

Junk car sales can provide you with an opportunity to sell the car you have always wanted to have at a fairly affordable price. It also gives you the chance to find spare parts for your car. A car can be considered junk if it cannot be repaired. It is important to keep in mind that these cars have spare parts that function perfectly. If you need a junk car but have no experience with the acquisition process, we can help you out. We have staff trained in getting junk cars at competitive prices and analyze the benefits you will get by buying a junk Car.

It can be very time consuming trying to sell the various parts of your junk car on Craigslist. It could literally take months and even years in order for you to get buyers for all of the different parts you are trying to sell. You also have to remove all of the parts from your old vehicle, and then clean and ship them to your buyers. This can be so time-consuming and quite a hassle! Also, if you have an old vehicle that is left to rot away on your property it can be a liability in addition to being an eyesore! If you are in West Palm Beach, Florida or a surrounding area, get cash for your old car from A.D. Buys Junk Cars! Just call us and we will give you a quote instantly for your car.

Emergency towing

Imagine that you are driving and suddenly your car breaks down and require emergency towing. You stop by the side of the road, confused, anxious, and possibly frustrated. Well, you could avoid this nightmare as you can call us and we will be with you in seconds. We have various towing vehicles that offer immediate relief both to people and vehicles involved in an accident. Our team is composed of highly trained and experienced staffs that are happy to help you restart or unlock your car. Our tow trucks have a platform that lifts your car without causing any damage. Even better, our technicians can recover vehicles from a ditch, stuck in deep valleys or water.

Winch Service

The winch or winch-out service is aimed to pull your vehicle to a safer place if it becomes stuck. The most common places your car can get stuck are those with excess mud, sand or snow. Irregular pavement can also cause your car to lose traction, blocking the movement of your car. You may also experience problems in a small parking barrier. If your vehicle gets stuck, do not despair as all you need to do is should call us immediately. It is important that you indicate your location and the conditions of the accident to enable our team to provide you with effective assistance.

Tire Change

If a tire of your car fails while you are driving, we recommend that you stay calm and control the steering wheel so that the vehicle comes to a safe stop. The most efficient way is by relieving the throttle because this allows your vehicle to stabilize. Then, you can brake slowly and steadily. Try to locate your vehicle in a safe place. Once you get it parked, do not hesitate to call us for help. In a few seconds, our team of technicians will be with you and will solve this problem at the least expense of time so you may continue with your journey. As a general rule, before calling us, make sure you are not close to traffic, and that other drivers can see you.


Within our list of services, we also offer transportation facilities. If you need to move your damaged car to a specific location, we transport the immobile vehicle to the nearest preferred garage. We also assist you to take your car to your favorite mechanic. We take your needs very seriously and ensure the car is towed to your intended destination as fast as possible. Additionally, if it is a rented car, we have no problem providing you with our transport service. Therefore, you and your family can feel safe with us. If you are outside of your city, we can facilitate transportation to your hotel, car rental service, and train station or wherever you prefer. Our company can solve your transportation problems according to your needs.

If on the other hand, you need to sell a junk car, we can also offer you a reasonable agreement. We understand that you are in a hurry and are looking for a quick payment. We are willing to pay a fair price for your junk car.

Why us?

Our team is comprised of technicians and professionals highly qualified to face any emergency that occurs on the road. We deploy the latest technology in making that possible. Our tow trucks are specially designed to move your car without any inconvenience. We can go anywhere regardless of factors like Weather or time. A professional towing service listens to your needs. Independent contractors can be associated with car shops and may pressure you to send your car there. With us, we will take your car to anywhere you need. If you need assistance with the purchase or sale of junk cars, you are in the right hands too. We will be happy to help you get the best deal on the market, looking for the car that suits your needs and budget. If you are experiencing financial problems or want to get rid of that old car that has no fix, we help here too. We offer you the best payment for your junk car. We are reputed for paying on time. Our main objective is to help our clients and provide them with the best services.
Conclusion. In a perfect and accident-free world, you would not need to call a towing service for your car. If your car breaks down, the first thing that will come to your mind is to call for help. Imagine this: you have a problem with your car, and you cannot move it. You try to call a friend, but they do not answer you. Your mobile internet service does not work. How convenient would it be to have a towing service number? If your answer is “very convenient,”you are right. Being in a car accident puts you in a situation of vulnerability. If you do not want a less reputable towing service take advantage of your need, feel free to save our numbers on your smartphone. We assure you that we will be available for you whenever you need us.

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