It is a known fact that buying anything is always easier than selling it. While buying a commodity we always know what we want, how it functions, how much it can ease your life and most importantly how much you want to pay for it. But on the other side what do you do when you want to sell it e.g. your used car. You would like of an asking price which you would surely not get because the buyer will always manipulate you as he is the one buying your old used car. Well there are certain things one should always know while selling your car.

  1. Research .!!

One should always do some research while selling one’s car. This is always very important in order to get the best resale value. You will always get a variety of options in this context. Browse through them and choose the best suited option.

  1. Whom to sell..??

You can always sell your car to someone you know like a close relative or a good friend but trust me when it comes to money matters or say buying second hand stuff one no longer remains just a friend. If you sell a car to someone close, he will always have the easiest access to you in case of any problem faced by him with your old car. He will come up with several things not right with the car. So try to avoid this situation.

One can always look for students when it comes to selling an old car as he/she will not be able to afford a new one.

You can also see your car to a garage but you might be able to get a good resale value. They will come up several reasons which will clearly indicate that your car is pure crap.

One can sell a car to the junk car companies who pick up cars in 24 hours. They inspect the condition of car and give you a quote for your car.

  1. Paperwork..

When your selling your car one extremely important part is that one should always try to sell a car legally. The paper work must always be complete so that your car is legally transferred to the next owner. This part is extremely crucial because if you sell a car to anyone say your close relative or friend and the car met with an accident or the car is caught in some illegal dealing or scam, the police will always get hold of your collar and not the person you sold it to. There might be situations when people will not be ready for such paper work or might even offer you more money instead but do not accept it a it might turn out to be a major problem for you later.

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