In today’s society, many persons own a motor vehicle or motorcycle. They are convenient and make life a lot easier for people on the go. Maintenance, however, can be a hassle. When one owns a vehicle, one has to consider money for petrol, insurance and servicing at least once a year, not to mention the occasional repairs. Vehicles can be very stressful on your pocket. A good way to take some of the stress off of your pockets is by purchasing used parts for your vehicle. Salvage yards are great places to find cheap used parts.

What is a salvage yard?

A salvage yard or junk yard is a place where vehicles that are damaged beyond repair are stored. Usually, the owners of damaged vehicles, after deciding that the vehicles are irreparable, sell it to a salvage yard. They would then pay a wrecker to tow the vehicle to the salvage yard if it is unable to move on its own. The vehicles are then stored in rows stacked on top of one another. Though the vehicles that end up in a salvage yard are irreparable, there are still parts that can be salvaged, hence the name salvage yard.

You can get anything at a salvage yard from lights, mirrors and seats to engines and transmissions. The salvage yard usually keeps an inventory of the usable parts of each car as well as their location. This makes it quite easy to find specific parts when customers call or visit. So when customers request a certain part, they know exactly where to find it. Some salvage yards remove parts that are in high demand and store them in the warehouse in anticipation of customers requesting them. Otherwise, the parts remain on the car until requested.

What is a you pull it salvage yard?

A you pull it salvage yard or u-pull-it salvage yard differs from the normal salvage yard in one way; rather than a staff member removing the requested part from the vehicle, the customers do it themselves. Now why would you want to get your hands dirty when someone’s can do it for you? It’s cheaper, that’s why. Salvage yards sell vehicle parts at a substantially reduced price if the customers remove the parts themselves using their own tools. This is because labor cost is no longer factored in. Not only does it work out to be less expensive for the customer, pulling a part yourself will allow you to get exactly what you want and you will be able to see the condition the part is in before you purchase it.

In order to pull parts, one has to be fairly knowledgeable about motor vehicles. Therefore, before going to a you pull it salvage yard, know what you want and do your research. If you are not an expert on vehicles then carry a friend who is.