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We’ve all heard the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” and selling your junk car is the perfect example for this. Selling your junk car is a great way to open up space in your yard from that old car that hasn’t ran in years while making a little extra cash. Your junk car can be useful to a junk yard because there are always usable parts even on completely broken down vehicles. The junk yard can then sell these usable parts to people in search of them. Please read below to know about our junk car removal locations.

Why sell your car to AD Buys Junk Cars?

  • We buy any vehicle: AD Buys Junk Cars with buy any junk vehicle you want taken off of your hands. This includes cars, trucks and vans of any year and from any make and model. You never have to worry if we will buy your junk car. No matter the condition AD’s will buy it for something.
  • Even without a title: Don’t have the title to your junk car anymore? AD Buys Junk Cars will guarantee the most cash on the spot for any junk car even without a title. You never have to wonder if we will take your vehicle, we love all junk vehicles.
  • We pick it up: Often times, junk cars do not run well enough (or at all) to make it to the lot. This is why many people put off junking their cars that do not run. AD’s will pick up your car for free from your yard in under 30 minutes of you giving us a call. No work for you, no extra cost and you still get paid cash on the spot for a vehicle you can’t use anyway.

What we do with your junk car

At A.D. Buys Junk Cars we will either place your car in our junk-yard for others to use for parts or we will scrap the vehicle if it is unusable for parts due to being totaled in a wreck. We also run specials for cars that are year 2000 and later. . We Pick up your junk Car within 30 minutes. . We buy junk cars with no title. . Get Cash for your Junk Car Today. . Free tow when Junking your car. . We buy Junk Trucks and vans. Why Choose Us: We are recognized as a “Five-Star” Rated Company. Providing the Highest CA$H.. Paid on the Spot! We offer Guaranteed Pricing & Free Towing Great Customer Satisfaction with Honesty! What can we say? .. “We just LOVE junk cars!

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