Cash For Junk CarsMost families are the proud owner of at least one car. In this day and age it is the easiest mode of transportation. For them to operate properly all they require is a little care and maintenance. A continuous maintenance regimen is a must to ensure the longest life possible. This is not always the case when it comes to maintenance habits. Most people procrastinate when it comes to taking care of their cars and because of this end up buying a new one once it hits 5 or 6 years old due to poor maintenance. Usually, the only viable option is trading it into the local dealer (and getting the least amount possible) or selling it to the junk yard.

Another reason is if the vehicle gets into an accident where the vehicle is totaled beyond repair or not damaged enough where the insurance company will fix it but it never runs the same again. So once again the owner is left with a choice try to sell it on your own which brings all sorts of creeps to your doorstep to test drive the vehicle. Most insurance companies won’t cover you in the even that they get into an accident during the drive. Or sell it to the junkyard. Junkyards normally will pay by what is called curb weight. (The price of steel) but nothing more regardless of year make or model. Although some vehicles curb weight value is worth far more than the actual value so you have to weigh the option. (No pun intended)

Most people don’t take into consideration what they already got out of the vehicle. For instance, if you paid 10,000 for your car and put 12,000 miles a year on it you would have gotten your money back after less than 4 years. (12000 x .25 a mile) so after 6 years the vehicle has obviously lived its life and it’s time to start weighing your options.

So basically your faced with 3 options 1)sell it on your own 2)trade it in 3)sell it to your local junkyard. The choice is yours to make but in the long run no one wants strangers knocking on their door, being ripped off by the dealer, or to continue to own a useless piece of steel that is unreliable for a normal commute. Just take this advice proper maintenance early will prolong this decision but when it needs to be made the easiest is to sell it to your local junkyard.

What are the Scrap Value of Cars?

If you are looking for the scrap value of a car, its best to head to places that buy junk cars.  We offer top dollar for junk vehicle. You can sell your salvage automobile for cash with no title to professional people that buy recycled autos for money! So the answer to how much is my junk car worth really comes down to what kind of junk or scrap car or truck you are selling!

Sell Your Car Now!

Contacting a representative is a sure way to guarantee that you are being paid the most for your scrap vehicle.  We will quote, pay you, and tow your car quickly! Our customer service has earned us a 5 star rating from our satisfied customers! So Call us today!
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