About A.D. Buys Junk Cars

AD Buys Junk Cars founder and CEO Adrian Hilario was looking for a better life in West Palm Beach, Florida. To pay the bills, he took a job as a Barber, working in a local barbershop in Palm Beach County, Florida. It was there that the young entrepreneur saw a golden opportunity. At the time, getting rid of a junk car could prove difficult. Anyone who tried found themselves on a wild goose chase of tasks: calling several junkyards, finding one that would take the car, and then waiting around to see if the tow truck would actually show. So, with a rich knowledge of computer applications and insight into the salvage industry, Adrian Hilario set out to solve this problem. With a colorful, fun, and user-friendly website and service named AD Buys Junk Cars, the company began to provide a quality of customer service that the industry had never seen before, and it didn’t take long for A.D.’s idea to blow up—in a good way! Operations grew quickly, and coverage soon extended from its humble beginnings in South Florida and now to New Jersery, and soon to every state in the U.S. In 2011, encouraged by a growing market, the company expanded beyond simply removing junk cars and began to make instant offers to users looking to sell their vehicles, evolving into the service you see today: AD Buys Junk Cars, the fastest and easiest way to sell your car!

We Buy Junk Cars

  • We buy any vehicle: AD Buys Junk Cars with buy any junk vehicle you want taken off of your hands. This includes cars, trucks and vans of any year and from any make and model. You never have to worry if we will buy your junk car. No matter the condition AD’s will buy it for something.
  • Even without a title: Don’t have the title to your junk car anymore? AD Buys Junk Cars will guarantee the most cash on the spot for any junk car even without a title. You never have to wonder if we will take your vehicle, we love all junk vehicles.
  • We pick it up: Often times, junk cars do not run well enough (or at all) to make it to the lot. This is why many people put off junking their cars that do not run. AD’s will pick up your car for free from your yard in under 30 minutes of you giving us a call. No work for you, no extra cost and you still get paid cash on the spot for a vehicle you can’t use anyway.

What we do with your junk car

At A.D. Buys Junk Cars we will either place your car in our junk-yard for others to use for parts or we will scrap the vehicle if it is unusable for parts due to being totaled in a wreck. We also run specials for cars that are year 2000 and later. . We Pick up your junk Car within 30 minutes. . We buy junk cars with no title. . Get Cash for your Junk Car Today. . Free tow when Junking your car. . We buy Junk Trucks and vans. Why Choose Us: We are recognized as a “Five-Star” Rated Company. Providing the Highest CA$H.. Paid on the Spot! We offer Guaranteed Pricing & Free Towing Great Customer Satisfaction with Honesty! What can we say? .. We just LOVE junk cars!