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Where should you bring your car? That depends, we serve locations all across the United States, we even offer vehicle pick-up in certain locations!

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Learn about Our Story, and why we are proud to serve you! We have worked hard to become the Best Junk Car Service in the Florida!
video Testimonials
AD recently remove a junk car from my house. He provided an extremely competitive price and was very reasonable. More importantly, he was timely, honest, clear and concise. I will definitely keep him at the forefront for any of my future towing needs. Shawn P.

AD provided excellent service. He was very trusting and he offered a reasonable price. I strongly recommend him for sellers round. Marc F.

I have done business with A.D. on two occasions and each time he was honest, prompt and direct with a price. No low balling, hassling etc. He gave a set time when he was going to pick up the vehicle and was actually early. And the free delivery was great too. Monte M.